Out of the wide line of Liftmaster products, how would we best describe this model? Well, the Liftmaster 893MAX Universal Remote is sort of like the big brother you bring to the playground when you’ve had enough of kids picking on you. In terms of garage controllers, it’s really the perfect comparison.

The 893MAX is as heavy as they come, allowing you to control up to three garage door openers simultaneously. The rumors of its terrifying lifting power abound. We heard Michael, our colleague, had his SUV split in half with the wrong press of a button. That’s how powerful this thing is.

Okay, we jest. It’s no different than other garage door controllers, except it lets you cover more units. The debate between modern controllers is always the same: do you go for a standalone remote or do you use a smartphone app?

We tend to prefer remotes, as smartphone apps can be a bit counter-intuitive. Liftmaster certainly has intuitiveness covered, with three simple-as-gets buttons for three doors. Getting the remote to interact with your garage door is the tricky part, however, and that’s what you’ll need the Liftmaster 893MAX manual for.

Where can I download the user manual for the Liftmaster 893MAX Universal Remote?

Oh, you probably thought you got away easy when you saw how straightforward the remote looks. As it turns out, connecting up to three garage doors to a single controller is no small feat, and you should go through the Liftmaster 893MAX user manual carefully before getting your hands dirty. You don’t want those garage doors to develop a mind of their own: http://sharedf.com/documentation/liftmaster-893max-owners-instruction-manual/