What’s a “digital display phone”, anyways? Isn’t that a fancy way of saying smartphone? Well, not exactly. It’s NEC‘s posh branding of one of their premier office phone models.

The NEC DT400 4 Line Digital Display Speakerphone looks equal parts slick and dated. The design is among the nicer we’ve seen, featuring plenty of intuitive buttons that can even be illuminated with red LED diodes. Pretty neat, huh?

On the other hand, the display looks like it came straight out of the stone age. No colors or much else: just the same old boring green background with pixelated letters. If they went through the trouble of designing a nice-looking phone, the least they could have done is go the extra millimeter and put a nicer display. Office work is dull enough already, y’know?

In terms of functionality, the DT400 has everything you could hope for. Although the display is boring, being a 4-liner means there’ll be plenty of room to manage your daily routine. And, as you’d expect from a good office phone, it has a loud and clear speakerphone that can be used as necessary.

As similar as it might seem to a regular corded phone, it can be a bit confusing upon first use. If you’re a secretary who just got equipped with a new DT400, our NEC DT400 manual will show you how to forward those calls before the bosses get angry.

Where can I download the NEC DT400 4 Line Digital Display Speakerphone User Manual?

Sure enough, this phone isn’t just for secretaries looking to improve their workflow. They can be found in any office-type setting, and you can even put one inside your home if you’re feeling fancy. Whether you’re a business professional, a government employee or just someone who takes their calls very seriously, hit our NEC DT400 user manual link before making your first ring: https://sharedf.com/nec-dt400-manual/