Our phones are getting more and more advanced, as cordless models seem to have almost entirely replaced their aged counterparts. That’s to say nothing of smartphones, which are probably months away from featuring an artificial intelligence app that will keep you company. Kind of like in that movie Her with Joaquin Phoenix.

Yet office phones seem sort of stuck in place. We don’t dislike NEC or anything: they’re a solid manufacturer that delivers on their promises. But the UNIVERGE IP Desktop Phones DT800 Series is an example of how office phones make you go: Why? Why can’t this thing be less clunky and more in line with the current year?

Once you get to use the thing, though, you probably won’t mind its appearance as much. It has everything that you could ask from an office phone: Bluetooth connectivity, full VoIP support, as many presets as you can throw a stick at and more.

As you might imagine, that means it can also be difficult to configure without the NEC DT800 manual. In terms of complexity, we’d rank them somewhere between an average Android phone and the Russian nuclear missile system.

Where can I download the UNIVERGE IP Desktop Phones DT800 Series User Manual in PDF?

As hard as it might be to believe, our NEC DT800 user manual covers each of the phone’s many options. With the instructions we’ve provided, your office will turn from sour to jolly before you can say RING!

Get the manual here, and forget about the boss giving you graveyard shift because you’ve forwarded the wrong call one too many times: https://sharedf.com/nec-dt800-manual/