The other day, we were browsing through a movie list and saw several movies that included Logan Paul. You know, the guy from YouTube. Can you imagine that? He started as some kind of weird vlogger and is now doing doing Hollywood movies, boxing guys nobody’s ever heard of and so on.

And he wouldn’t have accomplished any of that without his trusty Netgear modem. It all starts with a good router: every bright career in online entertainment started with a reliable device that can transfer data in and out without hiccups.

Well, we don’t know the brand he had starting out. These days, he probably has something fancy like the Netgear R6250-100UKS AC1600 1600 Mbps Smart Wi-Fi Dual Band Gigabit Router. That’s a pretty long title, but the manufacturer doesn’t wanna mince words when it comes to the modem’s many options.

Like the name says, the modem is ultra-fast and supports dual band connection, making it ideal for streamers, gamers and others in need of peak performance. As you might have guessed, it can also make the thing a bit complicated to use if you haven’t read the NETGEAR R6250 manual first.

Where can I download the Netgear R6250 User Manual in PDF?

The more options they have, the more confusing they get. It really used to be about just pressing a button and you were online (after listening to the dial-up tone for 8 minutes). Now, you have to go through a hi-tech user interface to get everything working properly, or there’ll be no videos, period. To keep you connected to your favorite online personalities, we’ve provided the Netgear R6250 user manual here: