More cushion for the pushing. Isn’t that what they say? The term is usually not applied to headphones, but rather those things we do behind closed doors. Y’know. Still, everyone likes some cushioning, right?

Plantronics had that in mind when designing these headphones. While they’re compact and minimalistic, most wireless headsets are kind of uncomfortable. They’re meant to make you look good wearing them, but often at the expense of giving you those wrestler ears that UFC fighters have.

Not the Plantronics C052 Wireless Headset System, though. The cushions that the headset has are a rarity in this category of devices, and it’ll make wearing them for prolonged periods of times a breeze. You know, you might not be willing to raise the wages of your customer support department, but you can still do a little something to make their lives more comfortable.

But what about setting the thing up? Well, you noticed that the model has the word “System” in its name. That’s because the headsets aren’t standalone: as our Plantronics C052 manual explains, they also come with a base that the set needs to interact with in order to do anything.

Where can I download the PDF version of the Plantronics C052 Wireless Headset System user manual?

As if that wasn’t enough trouble to set up on its own, the headset often needs to be connected to a landline phone or a similar type of device to forward calls and so on. The Plantronics C052 user manual explains how to set the Wi-Fi headphones up in your home, office or car. With this link, not only will your ears be at peace, but also the thing between them: