If you thought Stihl only makes scary-looking chainsaws, you thought wrong. The company puts out plenty of other gardening equipment, and the Stihl BG55 is merely one example, although a poignant one, with the Stihl FS38 and Stihl FS45 joining the crew.

Stihl BG55 Manual

Replacement Parts

Find yourself bashing leaf blowers for lacking personality pretty often? You might want to keep your words to yourself when faced with the BG55. Although our Stihl BG55 manual tells us the machine only blows leaves and nothing else, the menacing appearance begs to differ.

Surely it can double up as some sort of cannon? Flame thrower? A machine gun, perhaps? Not that you should try converting it to those, of course. Here at Gadget Preview, we only approve of using devices exactly to their specifications. Making a weapon out of a leaf blower definitely counts as improper use, regardless of what the device’s looks might tell you.

In terms of doing what it’s supposed to do (y’know, blowing leaves), the BG55 upholds the manufacturer’s reputation quite well. You might pay a little extra compared to the average leaf blower, but you can rest in the knowledge that you’ll look like an action star while doing mundane gardening choices.

Good manufacturer or not, every device can break, and even something as simple as a leaf blower can be hard to set up, but luckily we have our Stihl PDF Manual Directory.

Where can I download the PDF version of the Stihl BG55 User Manual?

Most repairs on the BG55 are easy to do on your own, provided you know where to look. Worst case scenario is, you’ll need to get a few nooks and crannies from the local hardware store before sending those leaves packing once again. To help you tell engine from pipe, we’ve provided the Stihl BG55 user manual in a user-friendly format: https://sharedf.com/stihl-bg55-manual/