With this device, we feel Stihl wanted to make a statement. “Weed Eater”? C’mon. Grass trimmers are plenty scary without having to give them a nickname like “The Terminator” or something. It’s also pretty inaccurate. The average lawnmower is far more likely to be deserving of that moniker, as it actually does eat grass and weeds by storing them in a specialized bag at the back.

Stihl FS90R ManualTrimmers, like the Stihl FS38 and Stihl FS45, on the other hand, just tend to spray green all around. While that might sound like fun if you’re a bit on the hippie side, anyone who’s used a trimmer can tell you that the mess isn’t fun to clean up, and in most cases you need a leaf blower like the Stihl BG55.

But most garden enthusiasts know that the Stihl FS90R String Trimmer Weed Eater is only used for special cuts, the sort that your regular lawnmower can’t do. Trimmers generally handle growth on slopes or one that is adjacent to concrete, as the agility they offer lets you have a picturesque garden without damaging your costly device in the process.

Stihl markets the FS90R towards professionals. Depending on how you look at it, this can either be off-putting or a selling point. Some enjoy having the best gear around, while others are cautious when it comes to using overly-complex machinery. Don’t worry: if you’re part of the fearful group, the Stihl FS90R manual will dispel any doubts and show that anyone with enough determination and arm strength can handle this device.

Where can I download the user manual for the Stihl FS90R?

While our Stihl FS90R user manual might not make you a gardening pro overnight, it’ll probably let you feel like one after a quick read. Our Stihl PDF instructions explain various aspects of use, starting with which blades to choose for a certain trim. Oh, you didn’t know it has several sets of blades? You better get the manual quick, then: https://sharedf.com/stihl-fs90r-manual/