There’s lots of things you expect from a chainsaw. An intimidating appearance? Yep. A fearsome cutting and slashing ability? For sure. But environmental friendliness? C’mon.

Believe it or not, that’s one of the selling points of the Stihl MS250 18″ Chainsaw. In their product description, the company claims that the chainsaw is “environmentally conscious”. We have to assume that refers to the appliance’s lesser petrol expenditure compared to other models. But how does that make up for all the trees you’ve cut down?

Stihl MS250 Manual

Replacement Parts

Don’t get us wrong. Here at Gadget Preview, we know the score. When a tree needs to be cut down, it needs to be cut down. There’s no time to think about hippie stuff like environmental impact. And, as you might expect, and the whole Stihl MS line, with the MS170, MS250 and Stihl MS290, is doing a pretty good job of what it’s supposed to

The Stihl PDF Document we mentioned also tells you that the chainsaw is long-lasting. For some, this is a particularly important point. Few things are annoying as having to replace an appliance every year, and chainsaws are even more prone to breakdowns over time as they’re stored in garages and sheds without heating. Those temperature changes don’t play nice when it comes to sensitive device parts.

The Stihl MS250 manual goes over long-term storage so that you can truly have a chainsaw that lasts. But that’s just the start of what our instructions can offer you.

Where can I download the Stihl MS250 user manual in PDF format?

Another common nuisance related to chainsaws is getting the fuel right. If you have any wood-cutting experience, you know that the saw needs to have a “just right” combination of gasoline and oil. For details on how to get the mix right and much more, check the Stihl MS250 user manual: