So, what’s the deal with Bunn? They don’t make sandwiches, as you might have thought, but they’re pretty close. They’re a manufacturer of some of the best slushie machines money can buy, which is why they cost so much.

Buying something like the Bunn Ultra 2 right off the bat can be a costly endeavor. After all, do you really need a slushie machine all that often? That’s why a lot of companies specialize in rentals: they know people need these things for parties and similar events and lease them out for an affordable fee.

If you’re among the majority who rent rather than purchase these things, you bet you’ll want to read the Bunn Ultra 2 Manual before touching anything. We don’t need to remind you of the good old adage: you break it, you’ve bought it!

Where can I download the Bunn Ultra 2 User Manual?

That’s not to say we discriminate when providing user manuals. Maybe you are a full-fledged slushie machine owner, papers and all, because that’s just how much you like tasty beverages.

Depending on how you look at it, that might mean it’s all the more important to read the instructions before trying your hand at pushing Coca-Cola out of business. Our Bunn Ultra 2 User Manual won’t give you a killer recipe for beverages like the one famously stored in Coke’s vaults, but it will explain how you can make your guests and party attendees happy without any fruity explosions along the way. You can download it here: