Garages have come a long way. Just take a look at Chamberlain‘s line: the MYQ-G0201 is fully integrable with your smartphone and eliminates the need to carry, and subsequently lose, a standalone controller.

Yes, garage tech is pretty fancy these days. So why exactly do garage doors still look as flimsy as if they were made by fourth graders in a wood shop class? The things are supposed to protect our cars, which rank among our most valuable possessions. Not only that, but a compromised garage often translates to a compromised home, as few people keep the inner garage door locked.

We appreciate the innovations, but we wouldn’t mind seeing door security keep up with controller advancements. After all, what use is having a high-tech controller when the doors look like they’re falling apart.

That’s not a knock on Chamberlain in any way, however. The company has long ranked among the top manufacturers of garage accessories, and some would give their products the first place in this neverending race. Despite its fancy features, this controller is straight to the point: a simple installation on your phone is all that’s needed to set one end of the relationship up. For the receiver, however, you might want to check the Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 manual to avoid crushing your freshly-polished Mustang.

Where can I download the Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 User Manual?

The manufacturer boasts that this controller is easy to install, and we concur. Still, anyone who’s tried setting up a garage door can tell you that it’s not always a walk in the park. Aside from technical knowledge, you’ll also need a specific set of tools to get everything running. Our Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 user manual will help you with this, as well as tell you how to configure the app to your liking: