We said in one of our other posts that the garden accessories market can be difficult to get into, and how a few companies have more or less monopolized the market. Well, there’s no better example of what we were talking about: look in any shed, garage or mole hole, and you’ll probably see a product sporting the Husqvarna brand.

Their Husqvarna LC221A 4-in-1 AWD Mower 163cc Briggs is an example of the company going above and beyond when looking to satisfy gardeners everywhere. The 4-in-1 tag refers to the mower’s ability to seamlessly switch between 2 and 4 gears in order to offer a smoother ride across any circle. You won’t have to worry about pressing as many buttons as Colin McRae in order to change gears: the mower will do it all for you. Plus it’s got a nice little bag so you don’t get grass all over. What more could you hope for?

Well, just because the LC221A is automatic doesn’t mean it’ll take care of itself. You’ll still need the Husqvarna LC221A manual to learn how to power it on and off as a first-time user, or how to make the switch from standard lawnmowers with gear.

Where can I download the Husqvarna LC221A 4-in-1 AWD Mower 163cc Briggs User Manual?

The Husqvarna LC221A user manual will also tell you how to troubleshoot the gizmo in case something goes bonkers, and it’ll also clue you in on long-term storage, such as during the winter. Get it here, and you’ll be piloting this orange grass terminator while your neighbors are still trying to fire theirs up: sharedf.com/documentation/husqvarna-lc221a-96145003500-owners-instruction-manual/