We’ve been hearing quite a bit about the dangers of talking on the phone while driving, especially without a headset. They say that, statistically, you’re more likely to die in a car than on a plane. Flying looks pretty scary even when your feet are safely set on the ground, so we’ll go ahead and agree with these statistics.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Jabra make excellent headsets that aren’t going to inconvenience you compared to just holding your phone. What we like about the Jabra Pro 9470 is its impeccable style: the thing looks right at home in any fancy office or high-tech home, but can also find its place in virtually any other environment.

As our Jabra Pro 9470 manual will tell you, the headset comes without wires. Whereas before this meant a significant loss in audio quality, things have improved since, and you’ll find that this headset provides clear sound on both ends regardless of how noisy the surroundings are.

Where can I download the Jabra Pro 9470 User Manual?

The Jabra Pro 9470 doesn’t break easily, but it can be tough to figure out its settings. Sure, it’ll look good right out of the box. Don’t have to worry about coming off goofy while you talk using this baby. But when it comes to using the thing, without the Jabra Pro 9470 user manual, you could find yourself lost amid all the various volume settings, virtualizations, contacts and the like. Fortunately, we have the link to the manual ready for you: sharedf.com/documentation/jabra-pro-9470-owners-instruction-manual/