Mini fridges. What’s the first thing you thought of when you read that? That’s right: beer. Lots and lots of beer. Well, maybe not lots, since it is a mini fridge. But you’d be surprised by how much something like the Magic Chef Mini Fridge can carry.

The manufacturer knows that beer necessities can vary depending on how far up the fraternity hierarchy a particular jock is. For example, he might be a lowly initiate of the Gamma Theta Pi, and all he can carry around is the 1.7 cu. ft. version. He can’t drink all that much and his frat bros know it and haze him for it.

Then we have the next level: second or third year of college, probably on the varsity team and very much into harassing recruits. Let’s call our veteran jock Jason. Now, Jason can probably empty a whole unit of 2.4. cu. ft. Mini Refrigerators if the party gets wild enough. Sure, the hangover will be something, but think about the bragging rights.

By now, you are probably thinking: who could possibly drink all the beer in a 2.6. cu.ft Mini Refrigerator? In truth, this model, as well as the 3.5 cu. ft. and the 4.3 cu. ft. Mini Refrigerator versions, are the most popular among families. They’re large enough to hold breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, you name it. While Magic Chef products might not turn you into their company’s namesake, it’s clear that they thought of everyone when making these appliances.

They aren’t awfully complex to use, but mini fridges face the same issues that their larger counterparts do. From ice accumulation to wrong temperature to a flimsy door, the Magic Chef Mini Fridge manual cover most problems that you can encounter with this time-proven line.

Where can I download the Magic Chef Mini Fridge User Manual?

If you’re taking one of these things with you on the go, carrying the Magic Chef Mini Fridge user manual in paper form can be inconvenient. It’s a good thing we have it in portable format, so you can download it on your laptop or smartphone and access it whenever you want: