One can feel tempted to make the switch to electrical trimmers instead of petrol-powered ones. After all, why is MTD still powering its devices with an obsolete and often messy source of energy when you could just plug and play?

Hold on, now. It’s not as straightforward. The reason people still get models like the MTD 500 Petrol Grass Trimmer, and will likely continue to do so for a while, is that they plain old work better. They’re more powerful, often more reliable (less electrical components means less things to break) and cheaper. With electrical trimmers, you’ll spend a hefty sum on the model itself and then use up a whole lot of electricity every time there’s a humid summer.

Even petrol trimmers break, however, which is why the MTD 500 manual should always be on-hand before you do some heavy trimming. When a trimmer breaks, it’s not like your smartphone going down: there’s far more to fear than the threat of not being able to load Instagram. Have you seen how fast the blades spin? You wouldn’t want those to come off, now, would you?

Where can I download the MTD 500 Petrol Grass Trimmer User Manual?

We did say that petrol trimmers work better, but there’s always a caveat. Barring shoddy installations inside your home, electricity is safer and easier to handle than gas. Petrol is flammable, and any leak on your trimmer could spell bad news for your well-being.

To learn how to refuel the trimmer, adjust its settings or fix an issue, get our MTD 500 Petrol Grass Trimmer user manual and cut away: