Lawn mowers are plenty convenient. Most of them feature a bag at the end that collects the cut grass and allows you to safely dispose of it instead of making a mess around your garden.

With string trimmers, things are a bit different. Although Murray is a decent manufacturer of gardening equipment, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to these things creating a whirlwind of grass every time you use them. And, as you might have guessed it, the MTD M2500 (41ADZ01C758) Gas String Trimmer is a tornado-causer in its own right.

Being gas-powered means that it packs a bigger punch than its electrical counterparts. That means faster spinning blades, which means grass flying at greater velocity. If also means you’ll need to get some kinks of using the device down, such as knowing which type of fuel to use.

Our Murray MTD M2500 manual explains this in detail, as well as covering several other common questions you could have about using this device. It’ll also help you use the trimmer without endangering yourself or others.

Where can I download the Murray MTD M2500 String Trimmer User Manual?

That’s right: while lawnmowers are the ones that look menacing, they’re actually pretty safe compared to string trimmers. It’s the trimmers that can really injure you if you aren’t paying attention, as your safety depends on you being on constant alert as you get your garden in order.

The manufacturer explains as much in the Murray MTD M2500 user manual, along with explaining basic modes of use and listing several troubleshooting options. You are one link away from a safe, yet high-powered garden trimming experience: