Every time we look at one of NEC‘s products, we get a very distinct influx of images in our heads. Serious corporate meetings where everyone has a stern look on their face. An overworked secretary carrying a massive stack of papers. Perhaps an executive screaming at a lower-level employee.

For the most part, the images are correct. Products like the NEC DT700 Series IP terminal are aimed almost exclusively at corporate clients and offices in general. You aren’t likely to see one of these things in someone’s home, but they’re commonplace in government institutions and companies.

Back when the DT700 was released, it probably looked high-tech, what with the programmable display and all that. In comparison, most phones were barely a step above rotary phones. Now, compared to smartphones and the like, NEC’s DT700 doesn’t look all its posh, but it still does it job well. Even better, it helps everyone who use it do their job better.

Although it’s not exactly cutting-edge technology, this VoIP phone still has plenty of settings to configure before things get rolling. Even those who have owned the phone for years can sometimes find themselves referring to the NEC DT700 manual to adjust a certain setting.

Where can I download the NEC DT700 Series IP Terminal User Manual?

But where did we store the manual, gosh darn it? None of the secretaries can find it: there’s a gazillion papers in the office and they all look the same. Not to worry, as we have the scanned NEC DT700 user manual ready for use and a click away: http://sharedf.com/documentation/nec-dt700-user-manual/