Stuck in office jobs and similar drudgey occupations, we can sometimes feel as if we long for a quest. An epic adventure that’ll have us traveling the world, fighting evil and what not. Kind of like in The Hobbit. We’re guessing ZTE was well-aware of this when they chose the name for their entry-level smartphone.

For the most part, the ZTE Quest N817 doesn’t come off as particularly adventurous. In terms of specs, it lags quite a bit behind modern smartphones, and the middling camera quality is just one example of why you might want something more expensive by your ear.

On the plus size, it comes much smaller than most smartphones. Remember when mobile phones were all about creating the tiniest device possible? Those were the times. Ever since the introduction of smartphone technology, manufacturers went the other way and we’re now carrying a sort of portable laptop wherever we go.

The N817 is a nice throwback to an era of smaller mobile phones, although it still offers plenty of techy utility in its own right. As our ZTE N817 manual will explain, while the device’s display quality, camera strength and processing unit might be lesser compared to the average smartphone, it comes packed with all the features you could want in a 21st century phone.

Where can I download the ZTE Quest N817 User Manual?

Because ZTE’s line of phones is sturdy, we don’t expect your Quest N817 to break down every step of the way. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to have the ZTE N817 user manual, if just to configure those annoying settings relating to the SIM and regional settings. As you’ve come to expect from us, we have the manual ready for you: ZTE N817 manual