Just when you think D-Link is falling behing with their routers, something like the DIR-855 happens. There’s no question about it. With this model, the manufacturer decided to make a statement. “Those Net-something chumps think they can make us look outdated? Think again,” said the board of directors.

And thus, the D-Link Xtreme N Duo Media Router DIR-855 was born. It’s extreme in everything, starting with the price. It has 5GHz MediaBand tech, dual band wireless connectivity, a bandwidth wizard and three imposing antennas. Heck, it even has a display. When have you last seen a router with a display?

In fact, the LCD probably made you think you won’t have to do what all router owners fear: access the device’s web interface. Maybe you thought, the display will let you configure the router with just a few clicks, and there won’t be any need to remember usernames, passwords and internal addresses.

Well, you thought wrong. To get this thing working properly, you’ll still have to figure out the user interface, which might be impossible without the D-LINK DIR-855 manual. And, as it turns out, the manual rarely comes with the device itself. After all, who could possibly need instructions for one of the most complex routers out there?

Where can I download the D-LINK DIR-855 user manual?

Another thing that will have you reaching for the manual is the modem’s smart technology. In theory, having an AI figure out which channel needs more bandwidth and ensuring that all the streaming and gaming goes without a hitch sounds neat.

In practice, the QoS technology can get a bit confused. Actually, it can get really confused. This leads to slow speeds across the board even if you’re paying a pretty penny for a blazing-fast connection. The D-LINK DIR-855 user manual will help you avoid this by explaining how the prioritization system works and how you can change or disable it if it’s misbehaving: http://sharedf.com/documentation/d-link-dir-855-user-manual/