Dirty laundry is coming to the surface. Sounds like the start of some detective novel, doesn’t it? Maybe one written by Kenmore.

Don’t get us wrong: the company makes some pretty neat laundry machines. But even the best machine is prone to malfunctions, and if you’ve ever encountered a washing machine malfunction before, you know it ain’t pretty. Dirty laundry can indeed come to the surface in these situations.

Take, for example, the Kenmore 700 Series Washer. A sturdy model by all accounts, but there’s lots of moving parts to go bonkers. This usually happens during washing cycles, which leads to floods, ruined laundry and the like.

Things get even more complex if your Kenmore 28132 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer came with a dryer. Depending on your vendor, these things are either sold with a dryer or without them. While having a machine that takes care of the drying process for you instead of forcing you to spread it out is certainly handy, it also means… you guessed it, more things to go wrong.

When things go south, it’s important to have the Kenmore 700 Series Washer manual on hand. It’s more than just knowing what’s going on in a crisis situation: having the manual gives you a certain peace of mind. You can think to yourself: “If something goes wrong with my washing machine, Gadget Preview has my back.”

Where can I download the Kenmore 700 Series Washer User Manual?

Hold on, though. There’s far more to our manuals than just troubleshooting. You see, every washing machine has a fairly complicated set of cycles that can hardly be figured out without reading the manual. And, as we noted, things get even more head-scratching if we add a dryer into the mix. Don’t bring yourself in a head-scratching situation, as you might accidentally pull out some of your hair. Instead, get our Kenmore 700 Series 28132 Washer user manual: http://sharedf.com/documentation/kenmore-700-series-washer-owners-instruction-manual/