LiftMaster. A bit of a brash name for a company, don’t you think? We’re thinking, if anyone should name themselves the masters of lifting, it should be the winners of strongman competition and the like.

Then again, who or what actually lifts more? When you combine all the strongmen in the world and all the LiftMaster garage door openers, who ended up lifting more weight? It’s a deep philosophical question. But given the popularity of their products, I’d say the company easily takes the cake.

The LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Garage Opener is yet another heavy lifter in their product line, able to haul garage doors of various shapes and sizes without issue. While jackshaft lifters are becoming more popular, it’s going to be a long time before belt drive openers go out of style.

The mechanism is simple, long-lasting and powerful, so why change it? That is, until the belt breaks. Then you have a garage door you can’t open, a car out in the rain and snow and probably a heavy bill on your hands given to you by the repairman. That is, unless you downloaded our LiftMaster 8355 manual, of course.

Where can I download the user manual for the LiftMaster 8355 Premium Series 1/2 HP AC Belt Drive Garage Opener?

That’s right: our instructions will tell you how to replace the belt on your own without needing a professional to do it. A belt snap is far from the only malfunction that garage door openers of this kind experience, and the LiftMaster 8355 user manual goes into pretty much each of them. Plus, it’ll tell you how to get the opener to interact with your controller of choice: