Not too long ago, wireless mice and keyboards were the bane of any serious gamer or computer user. Their batteries lasted too short, took too long to recharge and the devices would constantly lose signal even if they were right next to the computer. Even reputable manufacturers like Logitech would get plastered with negative reviews for deciding to forgo the wire a bit too early.

But here we are, in an era of much better wireless connectivity. Today’s cordless devices are a far cry from the messes of a decade ago. The upgrade in technology has emboldened manufacturers to pack up two different wireless devices and sell them together. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy both?

Such is the case with the Logitech K520 Wireless Keyboard, which tends to come together with the M310 mouse. The manufacturer really tried to make things easy for you. The mice and keyboard are in the same box, the appropriate unifying receiver is there, and even the batteries are installed and ready to use. Sounds neat-o.

Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy. Although Logitech calls the combo power-packed, hassle-free and comfortable, user impressions vary. To the company’s credit, getting two devices to work together through the same receiver and across quite a bit of range can be difficult.

If you find that your MK520 mouse or keyboard are losing connection to the computer or are experiencing other issues, don’t throw them out the window just yet. Check our Logitech K520 manual first.

Where can I download the Logitech K520 User Manual free of charge?

These instructions will tell you how the wireless technology works and what you can do to improve the signal. Our Logitech K520 user manual also covers installation across various operating systems, and it will help troubleshoot the device so you can know whether there is a defect or you simply overlooked something due to residual excitement from unpacking. Get the manual here, and you’ll soon forget what cables are about: