You did it. You went out and got the newest, baddest Netgear router out there. You plugged it in, configured the settings with the help of one of our user manuals and everything’s working nice.

There’s just one problem: the router needs more range. That’s what manufacturers will often forget. They’ll go through all that trouble of creating a modem with tri-band technology that looks like a mothership from space, but they’ll forget to add better antennas for those who need to extend their Wi-Fi a little longer.

That’s where the Netgear EX2700-100 WiFi Range Extender makes its grand entrance. Okay, we typed that with a bit of a chuckle. C’mon, the thing looks like some kind of weird robot from a kid’s show. You know those scary giant robots that are supposed to go up against Godzilla and always get smashed. Well, this ain’t them. This is more like something that a 6-months-old toddler is going to use up and throw away for a nicer-looking toy.

But it’s not a toy, though. It’s a fully-functioning range extender that’s going to improve whatever router you’re using and let you transmit its signal far out in space. That’s right: with our Netgear EX2700 manual, you might learn how to configure the extender to reach long enough to find extraterrestrial life.

Where can I find the PDF version of the Netgear EX2700-100 WiFi Range Extender user manual?

Or, y’know, you’ll just be able to give your entire establishment or office Wi-Fi without any loss of connection. Whichever the case, there are countless router models out there, which should tell you that you’ll need the Netgear EX2700 user manual to get the extender to interact with your specific device. You are one link away from not hearing any more complaints about a lack of Wi-Fi ever again: