Most wireless headset manufacturers aim for a minimalistic design when creating their products. After all, who wants to look like a Martian from a 1940s sci-fi movie while talking to their friends, family or clients?

Plantronics is no different. Most of their headsets are barely noticeable, with a detachable headset in case your ears are sturdy enough to carry the mic-speaker. Yet every now and then, the company just can’t resist going all-out and making something big and imposing.

Cue the Plantronics Savi W740 Wireless Headset System. That’s right. It’s not just a headset, but a whole headset system. What does that mean? Well, Plantronics wanted to market the W740 as a kind of end-all-be-all of wireless headsets, and they did it right for the most part.

The headset itself didn’t suffer, as it’s as small and slick-looking as any earpiece you’ll find. The base, however, comes off looking downright monstrous. If we had to guess why, it’s probably due to its 3-in-1 branding: the W740 can connect to up to three devices in your home or office.

The same headset for PC, landline and cellphone calls? “Sign me up,” you’re probably thinking. And indeed, it’s plenty convenient as opposed to having to use multiple headsets, and the 300-foot range just adds to the appeal. Trouble is, the convenience in question is only available if you have the Plantronics Savi W740 manual within hand’s reach.

Where can I download the PDF version of the Plantronics Savi W740 User Manual?

Without it, you might find the headset confusing, agitating or downright scary. But there’s no need to get all doomsday here. Not when the Plantronics Savi W740 user manual is ready and waiting for you: