You did it. You set your office up exactly as an office should look like. Slick, professional and no-nonsense. You even got a fancy Plantronics system for your secretary, customer support or even yourself.

You plugged the Plantronics WO201 Savi Office Wireless Headset into the phone and computer, put the earpiece on, dialed a number and… there’s no sound. Yes, office life can be hard. Unfortunately, headsets rarely come with auto set-up wizards, and getting them to befriend both the computer and landline can be troublesome.

Without the Plantronics WO201 manual, you might as well be stuck in no man’s land. The device’s slick design means that certain sacrifices had to be made, and an intuitive user interface was the first on the chopping block. Instead, you’re left to your own devices, forced to figure out the functionality of something that looks less like a phone and more like a sealed chest.

We don’t want you getting stuck in no man’s land. It’s not a very pretty place. Because of that, we’ll provide the full instructions for your WO201 headset in the easiest-to-read format possible and available with a single click.

Where can I get the PDF version of the Plantronics WO201 user manual?

As you’ll soon realize, the manual goes in depth about every aspect of the device, right down to making some repairs if you spilled some coffee over it (okay, the headset is probably toast if that happens). The Plantronics WO201 user manual will tell you how to connect the headset to many different operating systems, make it work seamlessly with your landline phone and forward calls like it’s nothing. After a quick read-through, you’ll find yourself becoming one with the earpiece: