Cell phones and desk phones were never friends. How could they be? One is meant to replace the other, and even though desk phones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you get the feeling that they’re none too happy that there’s an improved version of the technology running around.

It seems AT&T decided to solve this issue by creating a desk phone that actually interacts with your smartphone. How’s that for a peace treaty? We don’t know if it solved the cell phone-desk phone conflict, but we do know that it made for one of the most complex office phones you could imagine.

It’s often said that a gadget has it all, but it’s meant to be taken in a more literal sense with the AT&T TL86103 DECT 6.0. It’s a phone system that lets you connect two landlines and two cell phones to it, letting you forward and manage calls from any of the four channels however you see fit. Of course, AT&T wasn’t going to strap you to your desk, so they decided to also include an entirely separate cordless phone because why not. Did we also mention that the phone lets you import up to 6,000 contacts from your cell phone to the desk phone?

Outside of the Pope, we don’t know who has 6,000 contacts. We also don’t know how useful that feature is in the first place. What we do know, however, is that you probably don’t even want to approach this thing without using the AT&T TL86103 manual as your shield.

Where can I find the AT&T TL86103 User Manual?

The phone system uses Bluetooth technology to interact with cell phones which, as most users of said technology can attest, is no picnic. All in all, it’s an exceedingly complex gadget that would probably break your desk if they added just a few more features. As it stands, you should be just fine with a careful read-through of the AT&T TL86103 user manual: http://sharedf.com/documentation/att-tl86103-user-manual/