ADSL. Now there’s a word we haven’t heard of in a while. It was around back when the internet was created, and we think it used to signify faster-than-average internet. These days, though, it’s mostly uttered in the same context as “flintlock” or “blacksmith”. Y’know, historical discussions.

You can tell of this device’s nostalgic value just from the fact that D-Link opted to give it the All-In-One tag. Seriously, routers these days are advanced enough to run a medium-sized business on their own, so it’s hardly necessary to let users know that the device is both a modem and a router anymore. Still, for an older model, the D-Link DSL-2740B carries its weight surprisingly well.

The 270mbps Wi-Fi range is just short of the usual 300 that previous-era routers come with. The design isn’t nearly as blocky or uninspired as some of D-Link’s other models. And, to top it off, the thing comes with its own range booster.

You heard us right. This ages-old gizmo boosts its own Wi-Fi range while newer models that cost hundreds of dollars force you to buy a standalone device for that purpose. We find that pretty confusing, and let us tell you something else: you’ll also be plenty confused without the D-Link DSL-2740B manual.

Where can I download the D-Link DSL-2740B User Manual?

You see, back in the day, there were no smart wizards to take care of the setup for you. There were no LCD screens and buttons on the router giving you easy access. No, you had to figure it all out the old-fashioned way: by reading the instructions thoroughly. Since the smart wizard decided not to show up, we went ahead and found the D-Link DSL-2740B user manual so that you can show off your independence: