“Do you have the receipt?” We’ve all heard that phrase. Don’t tell us you haven’t heard it: you heard it. In the world of today, without a receipt, you aren’t even a person. You basically have no rights. You better hold onto that receipt for that thing you bought years ago, or the warranty’s gone.

Canon knows all this, which is why they don’t only manufacture printers and cameras. They figured what we said above would make for a lucrative venture and branched into, you guessed it, receipt makers.

Okay, the Canon P23-DH V isn’t exactly that. It’s a printing calculator. Now there’s something we can believe you haven’t heard of yet. Of course, Canon just can’t resist adding printing capacity to any of their products, so this is what we have. Soon enough, the cameras will be printing out a piece of paper after every photo that says: “Well done, you’re on your way to becoming a professional photographer!”

In truth, the P23-DH V can be used for making receipts as well. It can be used for a lot of things. So many, in fact, that looking at it without the Canon P23-DH V manual makes us dizzy.

Where can I download the Canon P23-DH V User Manual?

While your usage of this device might vary greatly, there’s a general rule to it: it’s not easy to figure out. When you have a device trying to prove that calculators aren’t going out of style with all it’s got, you know you’re in for a tough ride. So, take a look at our Canon P23-DH V user manual and soon you’ll be doing things that you could do on your computer without compromising the vintage look of your office: http://sharedf.com/documentation/canon-p23-dh-v-owners-instruction-manual/