There used to be a time when Casio was a big name brand. They were top of the line. If you wanted to listen to music, Casio was somewhere in there. Then, music went digital, and Casio became a relic.

Now, they’re not exactly on the level of your neighborhood store just yet. They haven’t fallen that far. But in order to get a grip on the market, they have to release gadgets that look innovative and exciting. You know, casette players just don’t cut it anymore.

And that is why we have the Casio FX-115ES Plus. Casio minces no words when describing this product: they call it the most advanced scientific calculator available. How’s that for an accolade? And while manufacturers do try to ramp up their productions a little bit in the descriptions, they might actually be right in these case.

These kinds of things are used by students that crunch numbers. A lot of numbers. You know, MIT types and the like. So why do these guys need the Casio FX-115ES Plus manual? Well, they might be good at math, but they probably aren’t as good at taking Casio’s biggest “we’re still in the mix” cannonball to the chest without at least some confusion.

Where can I download the Casio FX-115ES Plus User Manual?

Do you know what else Casio did? They added a solar battery to the thing. Yep, solving the most complex math equations wasn’t enough. It had to had a solar battery, too.

That battery is probably going to give you some trouble, and if you aren’t used to complex math calculators, this thing is going to make you want to change courses. With our Casio FX-115ES Plus user manual, though, you’ll be right back at solving those equations that broke all the other, less advanced calculators: