PDF Expert has always made it super easy to take notes on your PDF documents, and its creators aren’t shy to make it more user-friendly. The app from Readdle is a product of the company combed through the feedback of the users of their apps, and they responded with a revamped and stylish PDF Expert 7. The product is made for iPhone and iPad exclusively. The app intends to be fun, delightful, easy to use, and feel more intuitive and natural as the user views and organizes their files.

What’s new in PDF Expert 7?

PDF Expert 7 is crafted beautifully with a dark mode theme, enhanced with custom icons, allowing the user to work at night comfortably. Accompanying the app are handy productivity gestures such as pinch, zoom, and swipe to help edit larger PDF files. The main feature of the app is the multiple windows the user can open, to work on two or more PDF documents simultaneously. The multiple windows feature for iOS 13 goes an extra notch allowing you to open two windows for the same document. The fun in the app is introduced by the tiny floating keyboard taking less screen space, allowing for one-handed typing.

What to expect from PDF Expert 7

The app is free to download with some cool features at the user’s disposal; however, to access the professional features one has to pay a fee for subscription. The professional features include converting to PDF, a customizable toolbar and reducable file size. Other features such as managing and organizing files, watching movies, listening to music and transferring files wirelessly between iOS devices are in the free package. The app browsing options have also been improved with private browsing, and a range of search engines to choose from. A cocktail of the iOS features and PDF Expert 7 to Apple and iPad devices, delivers an impressive PDF experience to Apple users.