While casinos in Nevada have been granted permission to reopen, the state’s regulators will mandate multiple measures that will undoubtedly alter the experience of a real money casino. To start, every casino must draft a detailed plan of contagion-preventing measures before being granted a license to open. According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the plans should focus on how the casino will manage the safety of its employees and visitors.

The reopened casinos will have to comply with stringent regulations

In particular, the board will require that every casino reduces its occupancy limit by half to limit the spread of the virus. There will also be certain changes pertaining to particular casino games that involve groups of people, mostly revolving around lessening the amount of people around any given table. Interestingly enough, the board didn’t provide an example of what a plan should look like, meaning that each individual casino operator will have to draft the plan from scratch.

The board did say, however, that the plans will need to outline how the machines and playing areas are being cleaned after the players’ departure. The measures will also extend to any business that isn’t strictly a casino but holds gaming machines as an additional source of revenue, although presumably to a lesser extent.

Source: IGB