Lucifer is an amazing TV show developed by Tom Kapinos. It narrates the story of the devil who breaks free from hell and comes to live with human beings. The demon resides in Los Angeles City as a club owner. He later joins the police force to help to solve mysterious crimes like murder cases. If you have watched it and don’t know what similar show to watch then worry not since you are in the right place.


Constantine is an American series that should be on top of your watch list. This show focuses on a comic character named John Constantine who is hunted by his past. Constantine becomes a supernatural detective with the aim of helping ordinary people. He discovers that he is not worthy of fighting the good fight. That is because he doesn’t belong to this world. However, he rejoins the good fight when the demons start targeting his best friend, Liv.

Liv, on the other hand, turns out to have supernatural powers. She is able to predict future occurrences concerning the supernatural world. The fact that she has power poses a threat to her life. Her power proves to be effective where she combines her skills with those of Constantine in defending people against the dark forces. Their work is to travel around the country hunting for demons to send back to hell.

The Chilling of Adventures Sabrina

Just like Lucifer, The Chilling of Sabrina is an American supernatural TV show based on a comic book. The series is developed by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa and produced by Warner Bros Television in collaboration with Archie comics and Berlanti Productions, and it’s aired on Netflix. It features a comic character by the named Sabrina Spellman. Other stars of the show include Lucy Davis, Ross Lynch, Michelle Gomez, Tati Gabrielle, Miranda Otto, and Chance Perdomo.

The show narrates the origin and adventures of Sabrina who is a teenager (half-witch and half-human). She has to choose between the human world or the witch world as her 16th birthday approaches. The story is set in a fiction town, Greendale where Sabrina Spellman struggles to reconcile her two worlds. She is faced with evil forces that threaten her family and she must overcome for her to prevail in her struggles.


iZombie is another great show to invest your time in. It is based on a comic book story named iZombie. The show focuses on a medical resident, Liv Moore, who turns into a zombie. She takes up a job at the morgue with the aim of satisfying her cravings for human flesh. Her new diet has a great impact on her life since she discovers that she inherits the memories of those she feeds on.

Liv’s power to absorb the memories of the dead by feeding on their brains allows her to solve the mystery behind their death. She joins the police to help them solve the homicides. However, her new life is confusing to her family members and friends. A medical doctor, Ravi Chakrabarti creates a big impact on her life by supplying her with fresh brains. Additionally, he is determined to learn everything about zombies in order to make Liv human again.