We usually review only portable gadgets. But when Samsung offered us to try out their new curved 65″ Ultra HD (meaning 4K) TV – that was something we couldn’t refuse. As you will see in our video preview, behind this TV, there is a 42″ HDTV mounted on the wall. That means you don’t need a big living room for this Curved Samsung! All you need is a big TV.  And of course, this is not jet another TV. It’s a device that pushes the boundaries of technology and represents a whole new kind of devices we have not had a chance to see in consumer electronics before. After assembling it, we connected it to IPTV (SD picture quality) and USB memory with video files (it can read MKV, Divx and other file formats). All the connections were done through a separated device which seems more practical.

The device comes with two remote controls. One classical and one “smart” which really eases the use of advanced features. First we tried to watch SD quality over IPTV. The picture is not perfect, but we can not say that you can see the pixels on the screen. We switched to 4K or Ultra HD picture quality. On this diagonal, it looks spectacular. Some will say that still there is not much 4K content, but that’s like saying you will not buy a comfortable or a little more luxurious car because the roads are bad.

As far as the curvature, I can not tell you why, but if I were buying a new TV, I’d take the curved one rather than usual flat TV. It is just more comfortable to watch it. And the interface on this TV is rocket fast. In the end we mostly watched Full HD 1080p resolution videos. Unfortunately, you cannot see on our video how this TV is big, but watching on it was a real pleasure. If you decide to buy something like this, it’s worth mentioning you also get 2 years of waranty. Below you can check prices for these models.


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