About Us

Gadget Preview is not just a website for us, it’s far more than that.

Once you start within the tech industry as a journalist, you get sucked in to it step by step. All of a sudden you’re surrounded by everything connected to modern technology, not only by the hardware, but also with people who, like you, share the same love to gadgets and everything tech. Soon enough, the project forms your daily routines, attracts different people, colleagues and friends -and in the end, it becomes the project which represents you, your brand… And that’s what Gadget Preview is for us – a lifestyle.

Since the year 2014. we have been working hard on creating engaging content, and month by month we see extremely satisfying results, proving to ourselves that this is the right way. The team is still small, but as time passes by, we will grow even bigger then now, providing high-end content for users who care about all those little details.

If you want to join us, feel free to ping us at admin[at]gdgtpreview.com, we always welcome new authors!