Had someone told us 20 years ago – or even 10 – that our luggage will soon be charging our phones and giving us global positioning, we might have thought it’s an intro to a science fiction novel. Yet here we are, and the Bluesmart One Suitcase promises to make travel easier with a flurry of complex features. How needed are they, and can the Bluesmart One compete with the bulky old suitcase that’s been in your family for generations?

The lock system stands out amid various features that, while extravagant, will all be of use to you

The Bluesmart One Suitcase offers electronic charging, GPS, a smart lock and general connectivity with your phone. But its features aren’t running on magic – instead, a gratuitous 10,000 mAh battery allows the Bluesmart carry-on to provide all its features while asking little in return.

Yes, that does mean you’ll have to charge another piece of technology, yet the option to charge your phone in the neck of the woods can prove invaluable – which is also why you should look to conserve the suitcase’s charges as much as possible.

Being a piece of luggage first and foremost, the Bluesmart One revolves heavily around passing through TSA, and not just by dimensions, as the suitcase features a scale that will let you measure the weight of your accessories in order to avoid trouble. While it might seem trivial, this feature is actually one of the item’s strongest point, as we rarely get around to weighing our luggage, let alone doing so on-the-go.

Together with a remote locking system, the suitcase comes with an array of nifty features that are non-intrusive and can be passed on completely by those wishing to use the carry-on the classic way. The current Bluesmart One Suitcase price on Amazon is $290 – not exactly a bargain, but still affordable when compared to “bare bones” suitcases.

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