As the current market leader within the home appliance business, it’s no surprise that Bosch is dominating the category of dishwashers. One of the new-comers from a few years ago, the SilencePlus series, is still playing a huge part in the further development of the company, and so far it represents one of the most advanced machines currently available.

Although this line has several models, the SMU53L15EU stands out as the top of the line device, not only because of the price point, but also because of the vast amount of features it hosts. From my side, I love the Sanitize setting – helped me several times in managing my wife’s flu burst outs.

Where to download the Bosch SMU53L15EU Serie 6 PDF manual for free?

In regards to the Bosch SMU53L15EU Serie 6 PDF manual, it’s currently available as a free download directly from the Bosch website, you just need to type in the direct name and you’ll reach it within a few clicks. Here’s the direct link: