Like all smartwatches, the Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch tries to stick to a certain niche: it’s marketed as an ideal tool to help you with your outdoors activities be they biking, hiking or anything else that involves dirt, mud and a lack of civilization. Casio made a name for themselves by making quality and affordable music players, but the leap to smartwatches is a long one – can they make it?

Trekking with the Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

While most smartwatches adopt a sleek and semi-futuristic design, the WSD-F10 looks a lot like the sports watches of old: rugged and clunky. That’s not to say the watch is too large for use or unattractive, but you’re bound to feel it’s heavier on the wrist than most other smartwatches.

The ruggedness also has its perks, however, as the WSD-F10 is built to withstand a lot more punishment than its competitors. Yet despite being designed for outdoors use, it lacks GPS and has a less-than-satisfactory battery life, which must make marketing the device a bit more difficult.

Still, its features are decent and compare well to other, non-specialized smartwatches – from a LCD with two layers to buttons that make navigation a breeze to above-average connectivity between devices, the WSD-F10’s innards don’t disappoint. Yet for a price of around $500 and with a design that feels somewhat out of place with most urban clothing combinations, Casio’s entry into the smartwatch category might struggle to find an audience.

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