LG G Flex display quality

LG G Flex: Display Quality Test

The first curved and flexible smart phone on the market is LG G Flex and we tried it on direct sunlight. This 6 inch OLED has "only" 720p HD resolution, which brings 245 ppi pixel density. The display is covere... Read More...
LG G Flex camera review

LG G Flex: Camera Review

G Flex is 2014. high-end phablet from LG. It's most known for it's flexible chassis and OLED display. It also has self healing surface on the back, but in this post we'll focus on it's 13 megapixel back camera ... Read More...
LG G Flex

LG G Flex: Antutu Benchmark Test

LG G Flex comes with huge 6-inch 720p resolution OLED display which is flexible. Yes, it can bend without getting cracked. Even more so, back side of this device has self healing surface - which means it is scr... Read More...