PDF Manual Directory

Three years ago we started this PDF Manual Directory, not because we wanted to change the world, no. The only thing we wanted was to find a solution and simplify the process of obtaining user manuals for most if not all devices currently on the market. At that point most of the sites who handled manuals were either sketchy or asked for payments – but not us. GDGTPreview is a platform which can offer solutions to each of your problems, from troubleshooting and repairing devices up to offering the user manuals for free. Now, in 2019., we almost reached our goal, where we host over 1000 User Manuals in PDF in over 18 different categories for you to choose from, regardless which type of device you have. We hope that you’ll enjoy this category as much as we enjoyed creating it! And, in case you get lost, feel free to use the search box on your right to find the right device.

The most popular categories are as following: HP User Manuals in PDF covering laptops, printers, monitors and other miscellaneous gadgets, Bosch User Manuals in PDF and GE Appliances User Manuals covering dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers washing machines and similar household appliance machines, together with some industrial machinery like saws and, last but not least, D-Link User Manuals and Netgear User Manuals covering the networking equipment.