Download Stihl PDF Manuals

The good old-fashioned manly art of landscaping. Let’s face it: there aren’t a lot of manlier things than picking up a big chainsaw and showing that tree who’s boss. Pushing a lawn mower to cut the grass is slightly less manly, but you might still be allowed to co-star in a 90s action flick. Riding a lawn mower might make you seem like someone who enjoys mocha lattes, however.
Compared to the other devices we cover, Stihl’s range of products isn’t as complicated. Despite advancements, a chainsaw or lawn mower is never going to be as tough to figure out as a smart home system or a bleeding-edge router. There are trade-offs to this, however.
For one, mishandling a router isn’t going to cripple you for life. The same can’t be said for Stihl’s devices. Similarly, gardening tools are far more prone to breakdowns (mostly due to mishandling) than consumer tech devices, and they’re much more difficult to fix once that happens.
To top it off, Stihl doesn’t seem too enthused about giving users manuals for their devices. You have to wonder why that is, given the potential dangers associated with the use of bladed gardening tools. Are they treating tree-cutting and lawn mowing as a rite of passage, where only the apt survive while the rest end up missing an appendage?
We don’t know, but if they are, we’re here to let you skip that rite of passage and use your Stihl device without risk of injury. Each of our Stihl PDF manuals will not only explain how to use the device safely, but also go over regular maintenance and care so that you can hold onto your likely-expensive gardening tool for years to come.
Wait, maintenance? I thought I can just shove the thing in the shed when I’m done and forget about it? Not exactly.

As sturdy and straightforward as they look, Stihl's power tools need as much care as any other piece of equipment. Without the correct Stihl manual, you'll probably get the oil-to-gas ratio wrong, turn on the device and cause an implosion that's going to destroy the universe. Or, alternatively, you might simply find that your grass trimmer is less reliable with each passing year as you've neglected to maintain properly.

But what's properly? How are you supposed to know what's proper maintenance? They didn't teach you that in school. Stihl certainly doesn't care if you know how to take care of the tool. We care, however. We're dedicated to our readers' devices lasting as long as possible while at the same time being easy to use, even for those with little gardening experience.

Once you've went through our Stihl manuals free download section, you'll no longer fear the day when those weeds need to be trimmed. You'll no longer worry about yours and everyone else's safety as you're chopping those unwanted bits of nature. Instead, you'll be delighted to show all your neighbors how well you can handle gardening work while their lawn turns into a tropical jungle.

As of now, the most popular models are the Stihl FS45 Manual, followed by the Stihl FS38 Manual and the Stihl FS90r Manual, as well as the Stihl BG55 Manual which is then paired with the chainsaw crew;  first is the smallest model represented by the Stihl MS170 Manual, then we have the medium sized Stihl MS250 Manual as well as the "big bro" of the bunch, the Stihl MS290 Manual. And, don't forget, if you're in to chainsaws, our Bosch PDF Directory has also some of them.