If $20 for a smart bulb is cheap, how about $25 for a plug that lets you control any electronic device in your home? That’s the current TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug price on Amazon, and while you’ll need a few of these to cover every single device, it’s hard to argue against what it offers with such a price tag.

Don’t expect it to win any design contests, but the HS100’s utility is what really shines

Like similar gadgets, the TP-Link Smart Plug offers device control at minimal price and with minimal hassle. In a feat that’s no doubt more convenient for the manufacturer than the user, the device comes with an app that interacts with other TP-Link smart devices, meaning you’ll feel compelled to use them as opposed to those from different manufacturers.

As is always the case with smart plugs, the energy control features are what you’ll be looking out for, and they’re good enough. Voice commands by way of integration with Alexa are another plus, as are the different scheduling options available.

To us, the neatest feature of this device has to be the ability to schedule turning on and off of home appliances when you’re away. There’s no better way to drive off burglars or simply prying eyes than by giving off the impression that you’re home – instead of investing in a costly home security system, you’ll be able to focus on prevention with a few plugs used in a creative fashion, which alone is enough to make the TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug worth getting.

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