Back in 2009. if you wanted to buy a beast of a computer, either for video editing or for server work, you didn’t have much choice in terms of Windows machines. Sure, you had the Mac Pro available, but if you’re not an Apple person the only thing left is to check HP and Dell solutions.

Luckily, at that point, Dell introduced their Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon machine, with 6 ECC DIMMS and support for up to two Quadro Video Cards and, as you can already guess, the name of that beast was the Dell Precision T7500 Workstation.

Future owners, at that point, started making crazy setups by not only combining the above mentioned Dual Quad CPU’s, but also pushing its limits to 24GB of RAM, adding dual GPU’s, 10k RPM hard drives of up to 5 TB and so on. It was truly the perfect windows workstation for professionals. Unfortunately – it also came with some issues, but this is why they ship them with user manuals, right?

Where can I download the Dell T7500 PDF Manual?

Finding user manuals in the digital form can be quite a challenge if you’re not familiar with these spammy websites which are lately blooming on the internet. They act as if they are going to give you the manual, but in return you either have to register or enter your card details for a “free membership”. If you’re like me, you probably don’t trust them at all, and you shouldn’t.

So what I did is, I basically took the work off your shoulders and, after several hours of googling, finally found a spam, ad and membership free site which offers the Dell T7500 PDF Manual for free – ShareDF.  You can download your file through this link: