Let me give you a hint in regards to PDF manuals, a friend of mine who’s in the tech business was tired of keeping his user manuals all over the house, and once he needed them, he had to spend at least 10 minutes in to finding them, and then to go through that and find the particular page with that exact problem he’s having.

Then, he got an idea, he made a list of all of his devices which he had at home, opened up a Dropbox folder, shared it with his wife and kids, and within the folder he uploaded all the paperwork he had. Now, if something happens, regardless of who is home, with a few clicks on the phone one can troubleshoot the needed device.

At this point I’m suggesting the same thing to you, make a list of all the gadgets you have, upload them your Dropbox account, download the app on to your phone and voila, whenever you end up in trouble, it’s just a few clicks away from you.

Same goes for the DSC PC1832 user manual, you can download it under this link, just remember to store it properly for future use: http://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=library&o=view_documents&id=1