With Fitbit Blaze, you won’t have to drag a clunky tablet or an oversized smartphone around with you in order to stay connected – the internet will be right around your wrist. But does Fitbit’s smartwatch do anything to contend in a new, yet established market?

Fitbit Blaze – the smartwatch for fit individuals

Gone are the times when wristwatches were only meant to shine and sparkle – these days, it’s all about utility. Smartwatches haven’t been around for long, yet Apple already managed to cast a large shadow over the market much like it has with laptops and smartphones. It doesn’t take a long glance to see that Fitbit‘s Blaze looks streamlined and downright stylish. After all, marketing a ‘fit’ smartwatch that looks clunky probably wouldn’t go over very well. It’s the ‘smart’ we’ll be focusing on here, though: with over four days of battery time and full connectivity with most smartphones, the device doesn’t lag behind its competitors in the utility department.

In fact, a major quarrel some have is with the finishing touches: for a fitness-oriented smartwatch, the Blaze quickly falters under a stream of water and the manufacturer’s fitness program that comes with the device has garnered a mixed response. The price is pretty much what you would expect from a smartwatch with similar features: around $200 for a brand-new model on Amazon. It’s not cheap, but if you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to track various health- and exercise-related stuff without feeling encumbered, the Blaze is a nifty device to have.