After a series of reports about their phones catching fire, Samsung requested its global sales partners to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7. They have also asked them to stop selling and exchanging their replacement units, which were supposed to be safe. Samsung stated on a blog that they are working to investigate any recent cases surrounding the Galaxy Note 7. They asked their consumers to power down their Note 7 phones; asking the owners of the phones to either exchange their smart phone or request refund.

Their actions have been commended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. According to Elliot Kaye, the chairman of CPSC, Samsung were right to suspend all sales and exchanges of the Note 7. He further stated that they will continue their investigation into any issue that the phone has. It’s certain that the CPSC will formally recall the units, once they have finished their investigation. After being criticized for not involving the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Samsung has seemed to have gained their approval for all its actions.

At this point it seems unlikely that we will be seeing Note 7 again, as suggested by the global recall of the units.