Yet another in a long line of Gigaset cordless phones, the A116 offers similar features to its cousins: decent battery life, clear sound, and a design that gets along with every home or office. Just don’t hope to use it for emergency dialing, though – unlike standard wired phones, the Gigaset A116 needs to be connected to an outlet to send and receive calls, so you’ll probably be cut up by Jason Voorhes in case of a power outage. Besides that, there are also some persistent issues that, while not taking too much away from the phone, can still prove to be a nuisance.

Three of the Gigaset A116’s most common issues and how to solve them without a PDF manual:

Gigaset A116 PDF Manual Download for freePhone is flashing base: Probably the issue that A116 users are most familiar with, this doesn’t just affect this model but also the entire line as well. If you’re afflicted by this, you’re probably stuck with a phone whose display reads “base” with no idea how to fix it. First, make sure you registered the phone to the base station – you can do this through the device’s settings. Then, make sure that the phone is charging when plugged into the base. You’ll know whether it charges probably by the battery icon moving left to right. Depending on how the second test turns out, you might need to either replace your power supply or the base station.

Can’t change a setting in the regular menu: The standard menu for the phone can sometimes be confusing due to varying settings based on region. It’s also missing some options that users could want to change. That’s okay, since  the A116 has a hidden menu with additional features, such as those involving regional settings. The general method of accessing it involves turning it off, then pressing 1, 4, 7 as it’s turning on and entering the code 76200.

Phone stuck in a reset loop: This usually happens when a user performs a reset through the standard menu, and can cause quite a headache. In some cases, you can solve this by using the previous menu for a factory reset: press 1, 4, 7 and enter the code 4685463. This will restart the phone again, hopefully overriding the previous reset and the loop it caused.

Still not content? Have a look at the Gigaset A116 PDF manual

The transition from a corded phone to a cordless one can be rocky, in no small part due to the latter’s many functions. If you’re still experiencing issues after reading our top three list, the Gigaset A116 PDF manual is the way to go: