Honeywell, one of the Fortune 100 companies, has been offering thermostats for a while now, and as the technology is going forward, they are constantly meeting new challenges within the industry. One of those was the wireless technology, which came in through some interesting kickstarter competitors, and in the end forced the company to find a quick solution so that they can continue to compete on the market, and they did. Yes, we’re talking about the Ademco 6150RF keypad, the easy add-on with witch you can enter the wireless era, and within a single, quick installation package you can get it rolling in no time. The only thing which you need is a VISTA compatible control unit, everything else is managed by the device.

Where to download the Honeywell 6150 PDF manual for free?

When I said that it’s a single and easy to install package, I definitely agree on it if you’re having the instructions with you, or just a plain user manual which came with the device. But if you’re stuck just with the user interface and are hoping to figure it out through the small LCD screen, then I’m having some bad news my friend. Luckily, there is a quick solution for it, and that’s the Customer directory from Honeywell, which features most of the paperwork in digital form, including the Honeywell ADEMCO 6150RF PDF manual. To get it, either view it within your browser or download it through this link: