All hardware features are covered in this chapter, as well as control panel functions, and the access and use of the HP Image Zone software. This printer is equipped with a network capability, and with a USB port for direct connection to a computer. To enable automatic printing from your mobile phone, camera or tablet, it comes with a Bluetooth Wireless Printer Adapter that is inserted into the PictBridge camera port. This allows the transfer, editing, and sharing of photos in many different ways. The manual has a chapter on instructions for loading original documents in the document feeder for copying, scanning, or sending a fax. This printer can access any memory card by your digital camera, which enables you to store, print, share, and manage all your photos. The memory card can be inserted into the printer, or you can connect it to your camera or phone directly, and the printer will read the memory card directly from the input device.

Where to download the HP Officejet 7310 PDF manual for free?

If you want a user guide that shows you the technical specs of your HP Officejet 7310, its use, features, accessories, and tips and tricks for use and maintenance, then download the hp officejet 7310 manual. This manual is a universal manual for all HP Officejet products from the 7300 to 7400 series, all in one manual. This manual features a HP all-in-one overview, which goes over functions and tasks like making copies, sending fax messages, or printing photos, without turning on the computer, i.e. with direct access. It can be downloaded through this link: