Noise-cancelling has been around for quite some time now, some companies know how to use its potential, while others are failing at it. Luckily, Logitech knows its market, and the H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset was quite a success, not only between regular consumers, but also the professionals between them.

It was one of the first headphones which targeted offices, which not only featured the above mentioned noise-cancelling technology for both, the mic and the cups, but also had on-ear controls for easier access to the most common features on your phone or computer. The price was a bit hefty, with around $120 for the USA market, but the quality control and the 2 year warranty made up for it.

Since it’s a Bluetooth set, some connectivity problems could occur, and at one point you will need to go through the troubleshooting options which can be found within the Logitech H800 user manual.

Where can I download the Logitech H800 PDF Manual free of charge?

The Logitech H800 User Manual in PDF can be downloaded through ShareDF. It has a bit more then 12 megabytes which makes it an easy download, but be prepared for several pages of info. Here’s the link: