Controlling appliances with a cord is easy: simply place a smart plug in the socket and plug the device in. But what if you need to control something that uses a wall-mounted switch? In these cases, you’ll need a gizmo such as the Belkin WeMo Light Switch. Don’t worry, though – the installation isn’t nearly as difficult as you might expect, especially for the features it offers once it’s connected.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch goes well with any home, but it also costs more than you’d like

Unlike a lot of smart gadget manufacturers, Belkin didn’t forget about design. The WeMo Light Switch will instantly improve the appearance of your home regardless of the interior design thanks to its slick style. And it’s not just for show, either – the Light Switch even has a button that you can use to turn the connected device on or off, just as you would with a normal switch.

Considering the visual upgrade, it almost seems like there’s no reason not to get this switch over your existing one – until you take its price into account, that is. The Belkin WeMo Light Switch price of $40 on Amazon is a lot, especially once you realize it’s down from $50 – that’s close to double the price of a smart plug for a device that offers essentially the same features.

The fact that the device doesn’t require a hub is a plus, but you’ll still be looking at a sizeable expense if wanting to install several smart light switches in your home – very few home owners will be satisfied with just one of these, so make sure to assess your uses for a smart light switch before purchasing it.

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