Nintendo Switch, the long-rumored next generation of Nintendo consoles has finally been revealed. Nintendo was never afraid to try out new things with its consoles, and the upcoming Switch is merely the latest example of this: with a unique blend of handheld and home gaming features, the Switch promises to innovate the market much like the Wii did. Its supposedly-powerful Nvidia graphics card and Tegra processor promise to deliver great gaming and media performance, but will it really manage to pose a threat to Sony’s and Microsoft’s juggernauts?

The Switch console is slated for release in March 2017

As already stated, Nintendo Switch will provide users the revolutionary option of switching back and forth between a home gaming system and a portable device. Yet history has shown us that revolutionary doesn’t always mean good. With a price tag that might exceed $350, the Switch’s pricing comes closer to full-blown gaming consoles than similar handheld devices. And despite being advertised as ‘next gen’, the Switch’s specs will clearly lag behind both the PS4 and the Xbox One – it is, after all, a handheld gaming device. Despite this, Nintendo is definitely trying to cater to a niche of users who value convenience and aesthetics over peak performance, and that’s where the Switch easily delivers – its sleek looks reminiscent of the PSP will make gaming on the go a breeze, and you aren’t likely to get better performance in such a small package any time soon.